SoA Welcomes Focus on Authors in European Copyright Proposals

Martin Reed

Martin Reed

Martin leads the SoA's Communications team. He oversees our strategic communications and campaign-based activities, including PR, social media, events and partnerships.

10 December 2015

On 9 December the European Commission announced its proposals for copyright reform. The SoA welcomes the Communication which puts the need for authors to be fairly remunerated at the heart of achieving ‘a modern, more European copyright framework’.

The SoA has contributed to the ongoing process to review and reform European copyright, making submissions and lobbying in tandem as part of the European Writers’ Council. As part of The Authors’ Group, along with other creator rights’ advocacy groups, the EWC has issued a statement in response to the Communication which we fully support. 

We particularly welcome the Communication’s recognition of the weak bargaining position of authors and the need to ensure protection against unfair contracts – the subject of our current C.R.E.A.T.O.R campaign.

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