WHSmith seeking authors to hold local events

Martin Reed

Martin Reed

Martin leads the SoA's Communications team. He oversees our strategic communications and campaign-based activities, including PR, social media, events and partnerships.
WHSmith is on the lookout for authors in 2019 to hold local event signings in its stores across the UK.

The scheme is looking for authors from a wide range of genres – from the history of the local cricket club all the way through to fiction and children’s books. WHSmith is hoping the scheme will introduce local authors to new readers in their area – or even further afield.

Alastair Aldous, Books Director at WHSmith, says:

We have a wealth of great authors in the UK, with a wealth of great books, covering all genres. A lot of these great authors struggle to get their books ranged by the big book chains due to limited space. At WHSmith, we have decided to change this approach.

As of 2019, I will be launching a new scheme at WHSmith, which allows authors to be able to hold local signing events in our stores, where they can talk to our customers and hand sell their books, irrespective to whether we centrally range these books or not. These can cover a raft of genres – from collections of old photographs of your town, the history of the local cricket club through to fiction and kids’ books. Events in our stores are important to WHSmith.

To find out more about the scheme and how you can organise a signing in your local WHSmith, email Sharon Taylor at [email protected].

EDIT 2/21/2019: If you’re having issues with the above email, please try [email protected] as an alternative.