EWG author nominates HarperCollins editor for Editorial Best Practice Award

Martin Reed

Martin Reed

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Collins Learning editor Jenni Hall praised for her meticulous attention to detail and her approachability, professionalism and efficiency.

Congratulations to Jenni Hall, product manager at Collins Learning, who has been nominated for the EWG Educational Best Practice Award by author Peter Clarke for their work together on Fluency in Times Tables, published January 2020.

Peter commended Jenni for her efficiency and professionalism in dealing with issues or requests, her supportive and constructive approach and her impressive understanding of the requirements of the resource.

On receiving the nomination, Jenni said:

‘I’m thrilled to have received this recognition. A good relationship between the author and editor on a project is where the magic happens and you move beyond transaction to collaboration. A project like this with a tight turnaround requires decisiveness and deftness from both sides, and I was extremely fortunate to have an author in Peter who is an absolute master of his subject, responsive, and dedicated to producing the best product possible. It’s been a joy to be able to be so hands on with a project and work closely with Peter, and I’m really proud of what we were able to achieve together.’

The Editorial Best Practice Award was set up by the SoA’s Educational Writers Group (EWG) in 2018 to recognise editors who have shown excellence in the way they have collaborated with their authors.

Nominations are welcome year-round for the Editorial Best Practice Award from EWG members. Click here to find out how to nominate.

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