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Book Marketing with Sam Missingham

Sam Missingham of The Empowered Author ( shares marketing tips and advice, relevant whether you’re traditionally published, hybrid or an indie author.

Presented by Anna Ganley.

Broadcast live by the Society of Authors in Week four of the SoA @ Home Festival on 12 May 2020.

Sam Missingham runs the Empowered Author website which offers authors a one-stop-shop for book marketing, publicity, design advice, ideas and support. Her aim is to give authors tried-and-tested book marketing tips, case studies, expert insight and more. Sam is passionate about supporting authors and making publishing more accessible and inclusive.

Sam is an award-winning book marketer, international speaker, journalist, blogger and founder of Lounge Books, a home for book-lovers. Sam was Head of Audience Development at HarperCollins UK where she ran large-scale marketing campaigns. Before that she was Head of Events & Marketing at The Bookseller. See: | Twitter: @samatlounge

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