Your Top Membership FAQs Answered

One of the SoA’s core functions is to advise authors. In the final week of the SoA @ Home Festival we brought our Contracts and Membership teams together for a whistle-stop tour of the top queries currently crossing our desks.

From protecting your work and clearing permissions to understanding contracts and how to negotiate them, we receive hundreds of calls and emails a day from members seeking guidance on how to navigate their professional careers as authors.

Broadcast live by the Society of Authors in Week 12 of the SoA @ Home Festival on 8 July 2020.

Nadia Bonini (Chair) – SoA Membership Services Administrator
Nadia manages day-to-day administration of the membership department and answers queries directed to [email protected] She is also secretary of the Poetry and Spoken Word Group (PSWG).

Theo Jones – SoA Contracts Advisor
Advises members on publishing contracts and issues. Co-Secretary of the Scriptwriters Group.

Eddie Reeves – SoA Campaigns and Public Affairs Manager
Eddie joined the SoA in February 2020 as our Campaigns and Public Affairs Manager, having previously worked as a Solicitor. He takes a keen interest in our contracts and member advice work alongside his day job leading on our policy and campaigns.