SoA launches project to represent authors’ interests in Scotland 

Martin Reed

Martin Reed

Martin leads the SoA's Communications team. He oversees our strategic communications and campaign-based activities, including PR, social media, events and partnerships.
The Society of Authors welcomes Heather Parry in the newly created role of Senior Policy and Liaison Manager for Scotland.

1 March 2022

The Society of Authors welcomes Heather Parry in the newly created role of Senior Policy and Liaison Manager for Scotland.  

The Society of Authors has launched a pilot project to represent authors in Scotland, thanks to financial support from Creative Scotland. Heather Parry joined the SoA on 7 February 2022 to lead the project in the new role of Senior Policy and Liaison Manager for Scotland.

The project has been designed with the aim of coordinating and representing the collective voice of authors in Scotland, as well as networking with government, publishers and stakeholders across the Scottish sector. The aim is to reach out to authors wherever they are in Scotland and provide professional support on issues such as intellectual property.

There is a crucial need for this support in Scotland. The Scottish publishing sector is different from elsewhere in the UK, with a different legal landscape, and Scotland-specific issues, including problematic contractual terms and conditions, smaller markets, the challenge of remoteness, and poor recognition for ‘minority’ languages.

Heather Parry brings her extensive knowledge of the Scottish industry to the role. Heather is a Glasgow-based fiction and nonfiction writer, editor and publisher. She is the co-creator of the free access  Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide, and co-founder and Editorial Director of  Extra Teeth magazine.

The funding is initially for a one-year pilot, with expectations that the project period can be extended following review.

Heather Parry, newly appointed Senior Policy and Liaison Manager for Scotland, said:

I’m honoured to have been chosen for this new role. The literature landscape of this country is incredibly rich, vivid and varied right now, and I’m excited to advocate for writers across Scotland over the next year.

Mac Logan, Chair of SoA in Scotland, said:

Our Scottish Committee were unanimous in selecting Heather for this new role. She brings the passion and expertise to advocate professionally and politically for all Scottish authors. Scotland is different, with unique legal and geographical challenges, and our authors work in a rich diversity of languages. We will be working closely with Heather to maximise what the SoA can do for our very special and creative nation.

Nicola Solomon, Chief Executive of the Society of Authors, said:

We are delighted to welcome Heather Parry to the SoA in this newly created role. We know that a strong collective voice and access to support are essential for the creative industry to thrive in Scotland. This project aims to bring the wider sector together and provide crucial advice and advocacy for authors in Scotland. Heather brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge of the sector, and we’re thrilled to have her on board.