Poetry and Spoken Word Group seeks new committee members

Mathilde Zeeman

Mathilde Zeeman

Mathilde joined the SoA in 2022. She transferred from the Membership team to the Advisory team in November 2022 where she will continue her work advising members with publishing issues. Mathilde is joint coordinator of the SoA's Poetry and Spoken Word Group.
There are currently vacancies in the PSWG committee for new committee members starting their 3-year term in March 2023.

Any full members* wishing to stand this year should send an email to Tilly Zeeman (PSWG Coordinator) including:

  1. their SoA membership number and preferred name
  2. an election statement (200 words)
  3. a short bio (100 words)
  4. a photograph (optional).

The deadline is Monday 6 February 2023.

‘The Poetry and Spoken Word Group is looking for new members to join its committee, which currently comprises poets who are also educators, performers, publishers, editors, critics, and activists. Our goals are to promote poetry widely, to consider best practice for writers and those who may employ, commission, or publish them, and to focus on improving the lives and welfare of poets both creatively and professionally.’

– the PSWG Committee

If there are more nominations than places, full details will be sent to all PSWG members and an online election will be held. The new committee will be announced at the AGM on Wednesday 22 March 2023.

Find out more about the Poetry and Spoken Word Group and its current committee.

*Associate members are not eligible to stand or vote for committee positions. Please contact Tilly Zeeman for further information about the PSWG committee and elections.

8 February 2019

Award-winning poets Katrina Naomi and Menna Elfyn were elected to our Poetry and Spoken Word Group (PSWG) committee last month.