Sustainability in publishing

Teddy McDonald

Teddy McDonald

Teddy works on SoA communications and outreach and alongside the Policy department on the SoA's campaigns work. He is also co-coordinator of the Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group (CWIG).
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The issue of sustainability can sometimes feel overwhelming for authors. From deforestation to create paper, to book pulping, transportation, water usage and the use of foils and toxic inks (to name a few), publishing has a particularly harmful environmental impact. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Tree to Me helps authors raise questions with publishers about their book(s)’ sustainability and empowers publishers and authors to work together to improve sustainability and communicate to readers, so that readers can make sustainable book purchases. We hope to launch the campaign in the spring.

We are already signatories to Publishing Declares and invite you to sign up too.

In 2021, we helped found the Sustainability Industry Forum, a space for organisations across publishing to provide updates on individual sustainability projects, to see where action can be coordinated or duplication of efforts can be avoided, in the interests of achieving a more sustainable publishing industry, in line with the goals of Publishing Declares. Its members are the Society of Authors, the Association of Authors’ Agents, Book Industry Communications, the Booksellers Association, the Independent Publishers Guild and the Publishers Association.

As we all continue to think about sustainability more and more, we are looking forward to sharing more information about Tree to Me and our other work in this area.

18 April 2023

New SoA campaign Tree to Me encourages authors to get to grips with the environmental impact of their books and challenge industry to reduce it

6 December 2022

A look back at our Sustainability Week activities in November, and a look ahead at what we’ll be doing on sustainability over the next 12 months

28 September 2022

The Publishers Association and the Booksellers Association announce the launch of initiatives aimed at making the Publishing Industry more sustainable.
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