What’s coming up in season two of the SoA’s advice podcast? 

Jasmine Scott

Jasmine Scott

Jasmine joined the SoA in January 2023. She helps manage the SoA’s online output as part of the communications team.
'The Society of Authors Advisory Clinic' releases the first episode of its second series on Monday 11 September. New season to include contracts, estates, audio drama and more

Society of Authors’ Contracts Advisors Theo Jones and Johanna Clarke are returning with series two of their podcast series on navigating the publishing industry. 

The series begins on Monday 11 September, with an episode titled ‘The What, Why and How of Contracts: Publishing agreements and how to negotiate them’, that will lift the lid on what counts as a legally binding contract and how to secure the best terms for you. 

We’ll release new episodes fortnightly, with the second episode, ‘The Wonderful World of Audio Drama: A centenary celebration and an advisory tale’, dropping on Monday 25 September to coincide with the centenary of audio drama on the BBC and the Tinniswood and Imison awards submissions closing for entires

The podcast, which launched its first series in April, covers key industry topics, issues and challenges facing authors at any stage of their career. Its first series delved into audiobook publishing, character rights, stage adaptations and the good and the bad of publishing deals.  

The second series will see Theo and Johanna tackle subjects such as negotiating contracts, wills and estates and copyright law. There will also be an opportunity for listeners to get their questions answered in a Q&A special. 

‘Making series one of the Advisory Clinic was lots of fun and a rewarding learning curve for us – we’re so grateful to everyone who listened. We’re still learning of course but are excited to get going with series two and have some fantastic episodes in the making. The podcast is such a great way to extend our passion of protecting and empowering authors, and we hope this series will go some way to help listeners get the best out of their writing careers – or to seek our help if they need it!’ 

Co-host and SoA Contract Advisor Johanna Clarke

The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer and other podcast platforms. 

You can also listen to each episode on our Libsyn page

28 March 2023

‘The Society of Authors Advisory Clinic’ releases its first episode on Monday 3 April
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