Policy and campaigns

Promoting the interests of authors through public campaigns, political and industry lobbying, and working with partners
Nicola Solomon

Nicola Soloman

Chief Executive

Nicola’s role encompasses protecting authors’ interests in negotiations/disputes with publishers and agents, advising individual authors and campaigning for authors’ rights, as well as for the wider cultural environment.

Nicola is an expert in the publishing industry and the associated law, from copyright and defamation, to privacy, data protection and contract.

She is a Deputy District Judge and sits on the board of the International Authors’ Forum and the British Copyright Council and the European Writers Council.

At the SoA Nicola liaises with the Management Committee to set and implement strategy and policy and to manage finance. She liaises with external organisations and manages the SoA team of professional staff.

Martin Reed

Martin Reed

Head of Communications

Martin leads our public and member-facing activities. He oversees the SoA’s strategic communications and campaign-based activities, including publications, website, PR and social media.

Teddy McDonald

Communications and Campaigns Officer
Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group coordinator

Teddy works on SoA communications and outreach and alongside the Policy department on the SoA’s campaigns work. He is also co-coordinator of the Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group.

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Ambre Morvan

Ambre Morvan

Publishing Contracts and Public Policy Advisor

Ambre joined the SoA on October 2021. She advises members on publishing contracts and issues. She also works on the SoA’s public policy.

Heather Parry

Heather Parry

Senior Policy and Liaison Manager for Scotland

Sitting within the SoA’s policy and campaigns team, Heather Parry joined the SoA as Senior Policy and Liaison Manager for Scotland from February 2022.

Heather is based in Scotland and work with our Scottish National Committee to improve the publishing landscape for all authors in Scotland.

This pilot role is funded for 12 months by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

Catherine Pocock

Catherine Pocock

Policy, Public Affairs and Communications Coordinator
Educational Writers Group coordinator

Catherine joined the SoA in October 2021. She works on the SoA’s policy, campaigns and lobbies Government on behalf of members. Catherine is the coordinator of the Educational Writers Group.