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Your Top Membership FAQs Answered

One of the SoA’s core functions is to advise authors. In the final week of the SoA @ Home Festival we brought our Contracts and Membership teams together for a whistle-stop tour of the top queries currently crossing our desks. From protecting your work and clearing permissions to understanding contracts and how to negotiate them,…

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How to make great audio drama

Why write audio or podcast drama? How do you sell ideas to radio? In-conversation event with Scriptwriters Group chair David Morley alongside award-winning scriptwriter Rhiannon Tise and winners of this year’s Tinniswood and Imison Awards, Ian Martin (The Thick of It) and Vicky Foster. Broadcast live by the Society of Authors in Week 12 of…

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Theatre in Crisis – where do we go from here?

Excerpt from a panel discussion in which the SoA’s Theo Jones discussed the impact of the pandemic on theatre, with children’s author and playwright Piers Torday, and Unicorn Theatre’s artistic director Justin Audibert.

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Afternoon Tea with… Barney Norris

In Week 10 of the SoA @ Home Festival, writer, playwright and 2020 SoA Awards judge Barney Norris shared a mini tour of his creative workspace, insights into what he’s currently working on, and how he has adapted to working in lockdown. Broadcast live by the Society of Authors on 25 June 2020 as part…

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Developing and pitching content for children’s film and TV – with Curtis Jobling

Animation industry veteran Curtis Jobling shares insights into how (and what) content to develop and pitch for children’s film and television. Broadcast live by the Society of Authors on 26 May 2020 as part of the SoA @ Home Festival. Presented by Jo McCrum. Curtis Jobling is the designer of hit children’s television show Bob…