About the Award

The author-editor relationship is profoundly important for the success of individual projects and an author’s career more generally – yet at present, there is no way for an educational author to publicly recognise those editors who have made a real difference to their working life.

In response, we have developed the opportunity for individual authors to commend those editors who deserve recognition. It is hoped that this award will encourage best practice across the industry.

Awards can be offered to commissioning editors (sometimes known under the title of ‘publisher’), desk/copy editors or development editors. The editors can be freelance or in-house.

The award’s focus does not rest on the financial terms that you, as an author, are offered, although acknowledgement could be made for an editor who takes an author’s concerns seriously, shows flexibility and/or negotiates with colleagues to secure a better deal, and who ensures that contracts are issued promptly.

Rather, the award’s intention is to celebrate particular examples of best practice in the working relationship, for example: excellent communication regarding specifications and schedules, constructive and thoughtful feedback, and prompt attention to any issues that arise throughout the publication process.

We aim to reward those editors who have proven themselves to be open, friendly and professional, who have gone the extra mile to offer support and who have generally shown consideration in their dealings with authors.