Local group costs and support

Local group online meet-ups and events should be free to attend. We have a pro Zoom account for local groups to use so there is no need to set up an individual pro account for your group. Using the knowledge and expertise of your group will allow members to share knowledge and skills as part of their local author community.

Alongside free meet-ups, you may want to organise events that incur costs to run. If there is a gap in the group’s knowledge and members would benefit from hearing from an external speaker on a topic, you can arrange a talk or workshop. If they are employed by an organisation or company, such as a publisher or an agency, we would not expect to pay a fee as they will be able to claim their time back as part of their role. If the speaker is freelance or self-employed, you will need to agree a fee in advance. Please see the recommended rates and fees paid by the SoA. If in doubt about whether to offer a fee, ask the SoA.

Where there are costs attached to running the online event, you should aim to break-even by introducing a ticket charge to cover the expenditure. Alternatively, the event may be able to be included as part of the main SoA @ Home online events programme where it would be free to attend for SoA members and open to all. Please contact us to discuss your proposed event at least three months in advance to be considered for inclusion in the forthcoming programme.

If there are costs associated with an event you are planning to host in person once restrictions allow, you would need to introduce a charge to cover the costs. Examples of costs incurred could be a speaker fee or venue hire.

Handling local group finances

If there is a charge for your event, the SoA will set up an online booking page for attendees to purchase tickets for your event and will handle all income from ticket sales.

To avoid local groups handling their own funds, the SoA will also make payments for event costs, such as speaker fees and venue hire. Invoices should be addressed to the SoA and sent directly to us for payment.

Local groups should not set up their own individual bank accounts as there is no need for you to handle group funds.

Other costs for in person event, such as food and drink, should be paid by individual members on the day of the event.

Applying for financial support

The SoA has a limited budget available to support local group events and to help cover any potential shortfall if your event fails to break even. To be eligible for financial support, your event must achieve at least one of the following aims:

Improving authors’ business skills
Events could include a practical workshop or feature an external speaker sharing expertise.

Providing access to local professional networks
For example, joint events with other local writing groups or literary festivals in your region.

Encouraging emerging writers or those just starting out
Events could be in partnership with your local writer development agency and raise the profile of the group amongst non-members.

To apply for funding, please complete the form below.

Groups may submit two applications in a twelve-month period. You must apply for funds at least six weeks in advance of your event and costs must be agreed in advance. We cannot guarantee support for all events and each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to discuss any queries.

Please bear in mind that the amount of funding each year is limited, and once the budget has been allocated, further requests for financial support will not be considered. If SoA financial support is vital to running your event, you may wish to consider holding your event once more funding becomes available in the next financial year.

Local group financial support application form

About your event

Income and expenditure

Breakdown of event costs

Please see our recommended rates and fees
e.g. printed handouts

SoA aims

The SoA wants to support events which respond to the needs of local authors, allow them to further their knowledge about the profession of writing and help them progress in their careers. To be eligible for financial support from the SoA, your event must achieve one of the following aims.