Poetry & Spoken Word

Welcome to the SoA Poetry and Spoken Word Group (PSWG) page, a professional community for poets and spoken word artists. We come together to discuss issues affecting poets and the spoken word community, offer advice and support, and raise the profile of poetry and performance.

PSWG is run by an elected committee and a professional secretary from the SoA. We welcome new and existing SoA members. Please email Nadia Bonini (PSWG Secretary) if you would like to get involved and be added to our newsletter. 

We run events to give members the opportunity to mingle and socialise and we hold an Annual General Meeting, during which the Chair presents the committee’s annual report to the members, followed by a panel with experienced poets and spoken-word artists.

We also send out quarterly newsletters with info and opportunities in the world of poetry and spoken word, as well as news, advice and other related features. If you have something you would like to include in the PSWG newsletter, please contact Nadia Bonini.


We are always working on creating useful resources for poets, which will be made available on this page. You can find the links to our resources in the ‘Related Link’ box on this page.

In order to help poets to stay inspired during the Covid-19 national lockdown, we have created the ‘Lockdown resources for poets‘, a dynamic document containing sources of inspiration, online activities and tips from our commitee members. If you have any further resources to add to the list, please email them to the Group’s Secretary.

Making a Living as a Poet

Throughout our first year (2016-17), we held a series of events at festivals across the country on the theme of making money while working in poetry. Conversations with many different poets have thrown up lots of useful advice and interesting anecdotes (you can read about individual events on our Noticeboard below), and we have also produced an introductory guide, covering the most common tips. Download it for free here

Facebook and Twitter

We have specially created groups and lists for PSWG members on our social media channels. We’d love for PSWG members to join our members-only Facebook discussion group, to exchange ideas, offer advice to others and discuss topics affecting poets and the spoken word community. Join here.

In addition, we also have a private Twitter list for PSWG members on Twitter, where you can see poetry and spoken word related topics being discussed in real time with PSWG members. To be added onto the list, contact Nadia Bonini.

Remember, for any queries that require immediate or specialist advice, contact our advisors directly on info@societyofauthors.org, or call the office on 020 7373 6642.

Poetry and Spoken Word AGM

Our Annual General Meeting for the year 2019 took place online on 18 May 2020.

Login to read the Chair’s report from last year.

Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our events. Please contact Nadia Bonini to be added.

Reports from our Annual General Meeting

AGM 2019

At present there are 433 members of the Poetry and Spoken Word Group; this is a 20% growth since last year’s AGM. […] The Group continues to support the creative and professional standing of poets and spoken word artists and to observe, report and advise on good practice in all public platforms in which poets appear 

Read the full Chair’s report from Tamar Yoseloff on PSWG activity in 2019.

AGM 2018

Read the full Chair’s report from Tamar Yoseloff on PSWG activity in 2018.

AGM 2017

Read the Chair’s report from Tamar Yoseloff on PSWG’s first year.

The PSWG newsletters’ archive

Our quarterly newsletter includes prizes and competitions deadlines, upcoming events, poetry industry news and a focus on the latest activities of the group. You can read the past newsletters clicking on the links here below. If you do not receive the newsletter, please contact nbonini@societyofauthors.org to be added to our mailing list.

Spring 2020

Focus on: our AGM 2019, welcoming our new committee members Alwyn Marriage and Keith Jarrett, and the SoA Authors’ Emergency Funds.

Autumn 2019

Focus on: committee elections and Poets for the Planet.

Summer 2019

Focus on: the Authors’ Awards, our first Live Twitter Q&A, and Poets for the Planet.

Spring 2019

Focus on: our AGM 2018, welcoming the new committee members Menna Elfyn and Katrina Naomi.

Winter 2018

Focus on: a new virtual community for the PSWG, the SoA’s new home.