We apply a set scale of charges and guidelines for our own purposes, but these do not constitute recommended rates.

All copyright owners are entitled to levy permission fees at their discretion.

We encourage the estates we represent to be as permissive as possible about the granting of print permissions, but keep in mind it may be occasionally necessary to withhold permission. This applies particularly to unpublished material.

All applications are considered on their merits and arguments for a reduction will always be considered fairly.

Fees will usually be charged for quotations of any length in an anthology.

The minimum fee is £75.


£188 per 1,000 words. Where an extract is complete in itself (for example, a chapter or short story) an additional fee may be charged at half the rate applicable for 1,000. Rates are normally reduced for non-commercial, critical or scholarly works.


  • £155 for the first ten lines
  • £3 per line for the next 20 lines
  • £1.95 per line thereafter, with the rate capped at 50 lines

Rates are normally reduced if the poem appears in a literary or scholarly journal, in an anthology which contains more than 40 poems in copyright, or in a book with a print run of less than 500 copies.

Territories & editions

Rates are given for World English language rights. If you require more limited rights, fees are adjusted as follows. The figures shown are percentages of the World English language rate.

  • World excluding USA: 75%
  • Canada: 25%
  • UK & Commonwealth: 50%
  • Australasia: 25%
  • USA: 50%
  • Languages other than English: 25%
  • European Economic Area: 38%
  • Other European Countries: 12.5%
  • UK: 25%
  • Eire: 13%
  • France, Germany & Spain: 25%
  • New Zealand: 13%
  • Indian Subcontinent: 25%

These fees cover one edition only. Use of the material in a new format or binding (for example, a paperback or ebook edition) generally incurs an additional fee of 50% per edition.

Use in new or revised editions or editions published under another publisher’s imprint normally incurs a new fee at the full rate.