Apply for stage rights

We license amateur and professional stage productions of plays by a number of dramatists and translators, including Bernard Shaw, T. S. Eliot and Elisaveta Fen.

Professional licences

For enquiries concerning the availability of professional rights in any play or stage adaptation of an existing work by an author whose estate we represent please email Sarah Burton

Amateur licences

To obtain an amateur licence please contact us in good time before your production is due to take place, but no more than 12 months in advance. 

We aim to respond to your initial enquiry within three weeks. Our fees for amateur production (per performance) are as follows:

  • Full length plays: £70
  • Single act plays: £40
  • Full length translation: £48
  • Single act translation: £27

VAT may also apply.

Please complete the form below to apply for an amateur licence. Alternatively you can email Lisa Dowdeswell with the same details.