Grants for residential stays

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Residential grants supported by the Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust

Struggling to afford a break for creative work, research, collaboration, discussions with fellow artists, rest, recreation or convalescence? Or just want somewhere quiet to work?

Thanks to the generosity of the Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust, we offer a limited number of grants, typically in the region of £300, to professional authors for residential stays. Grants are administered through the Authors’ Contingency Fund.

Residencies may be anywhere, though the Trust has a relationship with Hawkwood College in Gloucestershire, and authors and groups of authors may wish to stay there.

Grants must be used only for accommodation and meals for the author, but the Authors’ Contingency Fund will give consideration to applications for supplementary grants towards reasonable travel costs or other needs such as respite care.

Grants for residential stays will usually be no more than £300, but fair consideration will be given to all proposals.

Deadlines for applications

The deadline for applications is 31st March 2022, and applications will be considered within two weeks of that date.

Please do not book accommodation or travel until you have been notified of the outcome


Grants are awarded to professional authors, by which we mean those who:

  • have devoted most of their training and/or working lives in pursuit of their art and/or craft
  • are known for their artistic work
  • intend on the whole to continue with it (unless they are retiring from work altogether)
  • have made a significant portion of their income from that pursuit and that work.

Grants must support residencies which could otherwise not be affordedfor example if the author’s financial means are not sufficiently flexible in general to be able to afford such stays, and insufficient to cover the stay which would be supported by the specific grant.

How to apply

Please download the general ‘contingency funds’ application form from the link below. There is space for you to include a covering letter, which should include the following information:

  • A brief outline of your financial situation
  • The purpose and brief details of the proposed residential stay (e.g. writing retreat, convalescence, rest, recreation)
  • The length of the proposed stay and at what daily cost
  • Details of any additional costs (travel, respite care) for which you require financial support from the contingency funds.

You can submit your application by email or by post to:

The Society of Authors
24 Bedford Row
London WC1R 4EH 

Please also notify us of your access requirements.

Please note: For grants to assist with substantial research or travel costs, or to ‘buy time’ to complete a work in progress, see the Authors’ Foundation.

The Authors’ Contingency Fund gratefully acknowledges the contribution from the Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust which enables beneficiaries to go away for holidays or work trips which they could otherwise not afford.

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