Poets for the Planet

Illustration © Henny Beaumont

Poets for the Planet is a community of kindred poets, performers, artists and creative activists raising their voices to engage with climate and ecological emergency through poetry in all its forms.

Set up by PSWG members, Poets for the Planet believes that the UK poetry community is in a unique position to call on a range of voices, experiences and passions to respond to this crucial moment of challenge.

To do this, the group will:

  • Curate and create poetry events, activities and publications to inspire, disturb, provoke, empower and mobilise.
  • Collaborate with protest, environmental and other movements to shake up, alert and alarm from the grass roots to government.
  • Encourage individual, local and community projects to bring together poetry and activism with thoughtfulness, humour, humanity and mischief.
  • Learn from others and collate resources to support creative engagement in environmental issues through poetry.

Join the movement

Poets for the Planet is inclusive, intersectional, multi-faith, multi-lingual and multi-generational. No action is too small to count, no idea too trivial to entertain.

Now, more than ever, the power of poetry is necessary to raise awareness, reconnect us with the planet and promote individual and collective responsibility for change.

To find out more and get involved, join the group on Facebook and share on Twitter using the hashtag #Poets4thePlanet @poets4theplanet.

Find out more at poetsfortheplanet.org.uk.