SoAiS blogs

A letter from the SoAIS to the Scottish Government


The Society of Authors in Scotland urges the First Minister to stop cuts to libraries.

How can we turn 21st century children into readers?


Literary specialist Sue Palmer considers how to motivate children to read within education.

Chairing is Caring


Expert chair Sarah Broadley offers top tips on chairing, in this month’s Society of Authors in Scotland blog.

Sustainability and the Climate Emergency

20 October 2022

This month’s Society of Authors in Scotland blog is a callout for Scottish authors to join the discussion around sustainability and the climate emergency.

Reflections from Glenalmond

16 September 2022

Impressions of the Society of Authors in Scotland’s August retreat to Glenalmond, from some of the attendees.

Metjen, the earliest known writer

4 August 2022

In August’s Society of Authors in Scotland blog, Bill Manley, takes us back over four thousand years to meet Metjen, the earliest known writer.

Using archives in writing

6 July 2022

In our July blog from the Society of Authors in Scotland, Jennifer Morag Henderson considers libraries and archives essential not just to her own non-fiction work but to writers of fiction too.

Welcome to our new SoA Senior Policy & Liaison Manager (Scotland), Heather Parry

25 April 2022

Heather Parry joins the SoA in a new Creative Scotland-funded role to support and advocate for authors in Scotland. 

The right / write language

7 March 2022

Ceilidh Hutton on language: ‘Aye, I ken like, tha fios agam, I know, language is important. But which one to use? I can be a bit of a ditherer so why use one when I can use three.’

An infestation of animals

10 February 2022

Nick Mills has a problem – animals have infested her books.

A tale of two New Years’ Resolutions

6 January 2022

Barbara Henderson discusses her journey to becoming an author and the two New Years’ resolutions that helped her along the way.

Draw your own Christmas card with Tita Berredo

1 December 2021

Watch SoA in Scotland Committee member, Tita Berredo, draw a Rudolph the reindeer Christmas card.

Why do agents come in threes?

12 November 2021

SoA in Scotland member Sean Lusk offers his personal experience of finding the right agent.

Writing in Fifeish

30 July 2021

SoA in Scotland member Moira McPartlin talks about writing in dialect.

On the Trail of the Lost Shepherd

June 2021

Merryn Glover, former co-Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland, speaks of her shepherding experiences, whilst researching for her new novel ‘Of Stone and Sky’.

Golf and writing: where’s the common ground?

May 2021

Mac Logan, Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland, compares the shared skills between a golfer and a writer.

The Society of Authors in Scotland Spring Social

March 2021

Tita Berredo, a Scottish-based Brazilian children’s writer and illustrator, discusses her welcoming experience at this years’ SoAiS Spring Social event.

Writers on the Edge

February 2021

Donald Murray – “The last flight home (inevitably diverted or delayed). The twelve hour long ferry journey (inevitably stormy). The long and winding road (inevitably clouded by fog)…”