Event recordings

We host a variety of events throughout the year for members to learn, develop skills, and be inspired. Here’s a selection of recordings from events organised by our local groups and hosted by the Society of Authors in Wales.

Writers on the Edge

Three writers explore the joys and challenges of a writing career while living on the edge of the UK – in locations as far apart as Brecon in mid-Wales, rural Northern Ireland and the south mainland of Shetland.

Chaired by Donald S Murray, Christopher Meredith and Kerry Buchanan discuss the benefits and drawbacks of living away from it all – and how speaking the language of these islands influences their lives and writing. How does the minority status Gaelic, Irish and Welsh affect their work? And what impact does that have on communities that still speak in these languages?

Writers on the Edge from The Society of Authors on Vimeo

Afternoon Tea with Deborah Moggach

Grab a cuppa and get to know writer, novelist and screen writer Deborah Moggach. Deborah offered insights into her work, gave a mini tour of her creative workspace and discussed how she has been adapting to work and life online.

Afternoon Tea with Deborah Moggach from The Society of Authors on Vimeo

Afternoon Tea with Gwyneth Lewis

Pop the kettle on and get to know Gwyneth Lewis, in conversation with Professor Matthew Jarvis who runs our Aberystwyth local group. Gwyneth shares her creative routine, her work as a non-fiction writer and dramatist, and her writing as a poet, including the influence of the Welsh and English language on her work.

A recipient of Mind Book of the Year for Sunbathing in the Rain: A Cheerful Book about Depression, she also addresses how authors can help themselves when struggling in difficult times.

Afternoon Tea with Gwyneth Lewis; Hosted by Matt Jarvis from The Society of Authors on Vimeo

Getting it Write

Writing accurate scenes involving the police and crafting authentic plots around crime and prosecutions can be tricky. Research is key, but what are the stumbling blocks to writing believable police procedurals in your work? Clare Mackintosh, Stuart Gibbon, Matt Johnson and Nazir Afzal discuss their experiences as ex-police officers and prosecutors and offer tips and advice for creating authentic characters and stories.

Industry Insider – Getting it Write from The Society of Authors on Vimeo

Finding someone else’s voice (and your own, along the way)

Louise Rogers Lalaurie talks about literary translation and the ’roundabout routes’ we all take through the world of books, in conversation with Mark McCrum in this event hosted by our Monmouth Group.

Welsh Monmouth Group Translation Talk from The Society of Authors on Vimeo

Meet the agent: Broo Docherty

This is an audio recording featuring Broo Doherty, senior agent at DHH literary agency, in conversation with novelist Mark McCrum. The conversation takes in general agenting questions, including what she’s looking for in new clients, how she manages existing clients, and what it’s actually like being an agent. This event was hosted by our Monmouth Group.

Literary agent Broo Docherty in conversation with Mark McCrum from The Society of Authors on Vimeo

On Not Knowing How to Do It

Jacques Derrida once said that what terrified him about the idea of writing a book was he believed that an author had the whole text in their head before they started, and just wrote it down, from start to finish. How, he wondered, could anyone know so much? It is one of the myths of writing that has to be planned and organised, and that procrastination, wrong turns and failing to keep a notebook are roads to failure.

In this session hosted by Matt Jarvis, Peter Salmon talks about how rubbish he is at doing things right, and how it’s never stopped him. Well, mostly.

Monmouth & Aberystwyth Group: On Not Knowing How to Do It from The Society of Authors on Vimeo