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Information and resources to help you with your work, your finances, your mental health and physical wellbeing.

Ukrainian flag

Ukraine - how you can help

As Ukraine continues to face the devastating effects of Russia’s illegal invasion, the creative sector will continue to come together to find and share ways to offer meaningful help to those affected.

Coronavirus / COVID-19

SoA support during the Coronavirus outbreak

A regularly updated page on what we're doing as an organisation and to support members during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Online abuse, harassment & bullying

How to deal with online abuse, harassment and bullying, including take-down notices and complaining to social media platforms.

Desperate or need to talk?

If you are in urgent need of help there are a variety of support options available.

Career help

We’re here to support you throughout your career, with advice, guidance and more.

Your finances

Financial challenges can present themselves at any stages of your career. Here are some practical resources to help no matter what your level of income.


Practical and emotional resources to help you deal with loss.

Health & wellbeing

Resources to help you look after yourself, especially when you’re working intensively or alone, or when financial or other pressures are getting too much.


Difficulties in our relationships with friends, family, partners, colleagues and employers can often impact and dominate other aspects of our lives. These resources offer support with a range of relationship issues, from family breakdown to loneliness and bullying.