Time for change

The ‘hybrid’ / paid-for publishing sector needs to change. Scroll down to find out why — and what you can do about it.

94% of writers lose money with ‘hybrid’ / paid-for publishing deals — typically in the thousands.

After four months of unsuccessfully trying to get more support from the company, I gave up trying to contact them. My first royalty statement shows earnings of £30. I see the £2,000 I paid them as lost.

For £2,300 I received the ebook, 25 physical copies, 10 posters, 25 postcards, 100 flyers and 50 bookmarks – after which I believe the company washed its hands of me.

The average loss is £1,861 with some writers reporting losses as high as £9,900.

A median of only 67 books are sold per deal, resulting in royalties of just £68.

I paid £5,000 and the process completely destroyed my faith in their ability to produce a book and market it effectively, and the experience has dented my confidence in publishing in general.