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  • Develop your craft at our professional workshops
  • Get specialist training on the business aspects of authorship
  • Negotiate better agreements with our free confidential contract vetting
  • Get individual guidance and advice on all aspects of your professional life, and help with disputes or concerns*

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  • Make friends for life at our regular socials
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  • Join the fight to save libraries, improve literacy and defend the arts


Email the Membership Department or phone us on 020 3880 2230.

* We are pleased to give individual guidance and advice on any issue or concern. However we are not insured to give specific legal or financial advice.

Legal proceedings may be undertaken at our expense in exceptional circumstances with the consent of the Management Committee, if an issue of general concern to authors is at stake, and the risk and cost preclude individual action.

We will give general advice but cannot incur legal expense or become directly involved in connection with difficulties pending at the time of joining or re-joining the SoA, publishing agreements where the author contributes towards the cost of production, problems arising outside the UK, or a dispute with another author.