Exclusive SoA products

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Membership Certificates

Membership certificates are available for free with the text This is to certify that X is a Member/Associate of The Society of Authors, together with the date of election. When ordering, please state your name as it should appear on the certificate, together with your SoA ID, if known.

Society of Authors Postcards

A series of four postcards by Mort Gerberg and Douglas Hall. The back of the cards state ‘Printed for members of the Society of Authors’. Copies can be purchased (subject to availability) in multiples of 5 of any one design at the following prices:

20 cards for £3.60
40 cards for £6.40
60 cards for £9.00
80 cards for £11.20
120 cards for £14.40

Please state which cards you wish to purchase, along with the quantities.

Card A: The author wants to see the cover before we print it!
Card B: Darling, your lovely manuscript is absolutely safe with us.
Card C: As a matter of fact, sir, we’re starting to get our royalty statements out right now, just as fast as we know how.
Card D: I’m sorry my son, but as I told all the others, I don’t explain royalty statements.
All prices are inclusive of VAT, and include post and packaging costs. Cheques should be made payable to the Society of Authors or you can telephone 020 3880 2230 with your card details.

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SoA Members and Associates are able to purchase specially-designed postcards and certificates of membership for free directly from the SoA. For more information, please sign in to the members’ area of our website.