Julie Pratten

For three decades, Julie Pratten has designed and implemented financial and business English programs for banks and financial institutions in over 25 countries via her own company International Training Solutions.

She has written numerous business and financial English publications, including Banking English, Absolute Financial English and Absolute Banking English – all published by Delta Publishing. More recently, she wrote the A-Z of Business English (joint winner of the David Riley award in 2015) and a children’s book called The Peace Plan which she co wrote with Julie G. Fox of Clever Fox Press.

Last year she founded Heart ELT, a non profit ELT publishing house that produces crowdsourced books to support children who have little or no access to education. The proceeds from sales of our books provide resources and training for children and teachers working in challenging circumstances.

She is excited by the prospect of getting more involved in the activities of the Educational Writers Group and indeed in the Society. She would like to empower more teachers to get published. She is s believer that positive change and innovation are possible when a group of like-minded people come together and collaborate in groups such as the Society of Authors. We can work together to drive positive change, open new avenues and improve the professional standards of ELT publishing.