Mark Griffiths

Mark Griffiths is an author, teacher, trainer and public speaker who works primarily in the English language teaching and testing field, but has a background in language science. After graduating in Linguistics and doing his initial TEFL certificate, Mark found himself working his way up through the ranks to finish his 20’s running an English language school, where he was first commissioned to consult on EFL books. A brief stroll past the rolling hills of an MA and a stumbling trek through a rugged PhD followed, with Mark coming out the other side in the field of language testing, where he was approached to give creative feedback on coursebooks for exams. He never expected to plunge headfirst into writing, but a publisher request to please ‘give advice on changes’ quickly morphed into ‘please do a full re-write’, and a suddenly an author was born. Mark has since co-authored and consulted on a number of written text books and published video materials for a number of publishers and is currently in the process of publishing an online exam-related resource for international language teachers.