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Ready to upgrade from Associate to Full membership?

If your author career has progressed since you joined as an Associate, you might be eligible for a free upgrade to Full membership.

If this applies to you, use the form below so we can update your account.

Am I eligible for Full membership?

You are eligible to upgrade to Full membership if you

  • Have had a full-length work traditionally published (not at my own expense and not only as print-on-demand or e-book), broadcast or commercially performed
  • Have had an equivalent body of recognised professional work (including articles, short stories, poems, items in other media), published, broadcast or performed, in any format
  • You are self-published or have had a work published only as print-on-demand or e-book, and have within a 12-month period sold 300+ copies of a single title in print form or 500+ copies of a single title in electronic/digitised form

If you are unsure about how these criteria apply to you, email [email protected].

Why should I do it?

Full membership recognises the progress you have made in your author career. On top of your existing member benefits, you will have an opportunity to vote in our elections, play a central role in our professional communities, and put yourself forward for a seat on the SoA board.

What does it cost?

There is no cost for the upgrade to Full membership. The rates for Full and Associate membership are the same.

It is not necessary to provide the full list of publications, only enough to prove your eligibility (e.g. the details of a full-length work published)