Where we stand

Supporting authors through collective action.

We promote the interests of authors through campaigning, lobbying, negotiation and representation. We voice concerns about authors’ rights, the publishing and creative industries and wider cultural matters.

We work in partnership with other organisations and international bodies to ensure our messages are heard worldwide.


The SoA works at UK, EU and international levels to protect and promote a strong copyright regime.


Industry commitment to inclusivity among creators, audiences and industry professionals is essential for building a strong creative economy and ensuring that the benefits of cultural participation are shared by all.


Ensuring that authors and the wider creative industries continue to thrive after Brexit.

Fair remuneration

The success of Britain’s creative industries can only continue if authors and other creators are adequately remunerated for their work.

Public Lending Right (PLR)

Lobbying for continued support for a system that ensures you are fairly paid when your work is lent through public libraries.


Authors have a right to be recognised for the work they produce. The SoA campaigns for fair credits in all cases.

Access to funding

If authors are unable to make a living from their work, the supply of new and innovative writing will dry up. It is vital that they have access to grants and other sources of funding.


Authors need readers. The SoA campaigns to preserve libraries, promote a culture of reading and ensure authors are paid fairly for book lending.

The cultural environment

Innovation cannot flourish without a strong cultural environment which encourages and rewards imagination and creativity.